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Bulletin Summer 2014: Volume 19, No. 3

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Fallout from NSA Surveillance Continues One Year After Snowden Revelations

European Union High Court Holds That Citizens Have the “Right to be Forgotten” from Internet Searches

Jesse Ventura Awarded $1.8 Million for Libel and Unjust Enrichment

Supreme Court Says Warrants are Required to Search Cell Phone Data; Possible Implications for NSA Telephony Metadata Collection

Supreme Court Strikes State Law Creating Speech Buffer Zones Near Abortion Clinics

Supreme Court Rules Aereo Inc.’s Television Streaming Service Violates Copyright Law

Verdicts Arrive in Phone Hacking Trial that Exposed Questionable Practices of British Tabloid

Update: U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Reporter’s Privilege Cases

Journalists Arrested During Protests in Missouri; Journalists Abroad Face Dire Situations

Court Rules Final Volume of CIA’s “Bay of Pigs” Historical Record May Be Withheld

Near, Sullivan and the Management of Dissent in American Society