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Bulletin Winter/Spring 2014: Volume 19, No. 2

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Fourth Circuit Rules Company Challenging Statements on a Government Website Cannot Litigate Anonymously or in Secret

Supreme Court Strikes Down Campaign Finance Limits on Total Contributions by Individuals

D.C. Circuit Strikes Down FCC “Net Neutrality” Rules

Federal Communications Commission Cancels Study of Newsroom Operations After Outcry that the Study Would Invade Editorial Decision-Making

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Statutory Immunity for Reports of Security Threats to TSA in First Libel Case Decided in 23 Years

Virginia Court Orders Yelp to Identify Authors of Allegedly Defamatory Reviews

Bloggers Gain First Amendment Victories But Still Face Issues in Online Journalism

News Coverage of Transgender Individuals Raises Ethical Reporting Issues

Reporters Testing School Security Draw Attention to the Ethics of Investigative Tactics

Native Advertising Creates Ethical Challenges for News Organizations in Digital Environment

Copyright Decisions Demonstrate the Perils of Posting and Using Visual Content Online

NSA Surveillance Practices Prompt Reforms and Legal Challenges Throughout All Government Branches

Spring Symposium Examines the Legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan, Honors Donald M. Gillmor