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Bulletin: Winter/Spring 2012, Volume 17, Number 2

Legislators Seek Increased Consumer Privacy Protections; FCC and FTC Investigations of Online Companies Continue

Courts Continue to Grapple with Online Student Speech Cases; Supreme Court Chose Not to Weigh In

The Obama Administration Takes on Government Leakers; Transparency May be a Casualty

Defamation Lawsuits Pose Threat to Journalists as Online Communication Complicates First Amendment Analysis

Update: Copyright Firm Righthaven Suffers Debilitating Defeats in Federal Courts

British Media Law Developments Positive for Press

Federal Appeals Courts Hold Mug Shots Can Be Withheld Under FOIA Exemption

States Consider Banning Undercover Recording at Agricultural Operations

U.S. Supreme Court Extends Copyright Protection to Millions of Foreign Works

Warrantless GPS Tracking Violates Fourth Amendment; White House Defends Warrantless Surveillence

Pentagon Says No Misconduct in Bush Era TV Military Analyst Briefing Program

Internet Outrage Tables Online Piracy Legislation; SOPA/PIPA Supplanted by New Proposals

Single-Source Stories Lead to Problems for Media

Media Gaffes Prove Costly for News Organizations

International Journalists Face Censorship in Confronting Governments

Journalists Endangered Covering Syrian Protests as Government Turns to Arrests and Violence

Silha Forum Explores Whether Constitutional Rights Extend to Virtual Worlds

Silha Spring Ethics Forum Focuses on Cameras in the Courtroom, Status of Minnesota Pilot Project