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Bulletin Fall 2014: Volume 20, No. 1

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Debates Continue Over Net Neutrality as FCC Nears Decision on an “Open Internet”

“Drone Journalism” Presents Possibilities But Faces Legal Obstacles

Supreme Court Considers Whether Facebook Posts Can Constitute “True Threats”

Attorney General Holder Leaves Problematic Legacy on Press Rights and Civil Liberty

Problems Continue for News Coverage of Ferguson Shooting after Grand Jury Decision

Federal Investigators’ Deceptive Use of Media Raises Concerns

Dissemination of Hacked Online Photos Demonstrates Challenges of Digital Privacy

Government Surveillance Critics Target Broad Authority of Executive Order 12333

Tenth Circuit Dismisses Claims That News Program Violated Insurance Broker’s Civil Rights, Allows Defamation Claims to Proceed

Law Enforcement, Tech Companies Clash on Built-In Privacy Features

29th Annual Silha Lecture Examines the Right to Access Government Information in the Wake of National Security and Privacy Concerns

Silha Center Co-Sponsors Forum on Ethics of “Pointergate” Broadcast