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Bulletin Fall 2013: Volume 19, No. 1

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Snowden Leaks Continue to Reveal NSA Surveillance Programs, Drive U.S. and International Protests and Reforms

Senate Considers Federal Reporter’s Privilege Bill

Reporters Struggle to Claim Privilege to Avoid Testifying About Confidential Sources

Courts Expand Protection for Online Speech, Define When Some Online Speech Is Private

California Legislators Address Data Protection and New Technology on Several Fronts

Fifth Circuit Denies Enforcement of Canadian Defamation Judgment in Mississippi Court, Cites SPEECH Act

Copyright Decisions Emphasize the Broad Protections of the Fair Use Doctrine in Infringement Cases

China Intensifies Crackdown on Microblogging

Minnesota Supreme Court Approves Use of Cameras in Civil Cases, Considers Expansion to Criminal Cases

Ethical Issues in Fall 2013 Include Questionable “60 Minutes” Source, Restrictive White House Photography Practices

Silha Lecture Links Pentagon Papers and Obama Administration’s Treatment of Leakers